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Thank you Clarence Fisher for kicking us in the shins

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Internet Marketing 101

Thank you Clarence  Fisher for kicking us in the shins.

Ouch, OK you are right we can only do one thing at a time but the flood of I should have done that is just crazy.  One clap at a time,  sure that was cool getting everyone to join in to demo how we can take one thing at a time and end up adding on.  We clapped one at a time in wave fashion.  All of this for internet marketing.  Someone in the class said, personal meetings are the rage right now.

Really?  I thought in person was dead and only the mighty computer was the thing. Thank you millennial person for insight into all the rage from 20 years ago is on the upswing.  Hurray.  This all took place at a Score training at 36 degrees North entrepreneurial center.

Key take away. Everyone has their own but did you know an avatar is not just a cute little cherub no it’s a guy named Bob who represents your target market.  I will name my target market soon. Does anyone out there want to put a name on my target customer? If so send me your ideas for the baby naming. Another important topic to be noticed on the web is to target those who already know you and dig that ditch a little deeper.

I could go on and maybe I will the next blog in the meantime I am building a new website and as soon as it is ready….here I go into the internet marketing pool.








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